10/10/2023 15:58:22MT -- Hi Folks - new tool posted for E Street customers to check their email settings - with links to E Street KB help articles see; https://estreet.com/email-lookup/

01/05/2023 12:22:11MT -- Hi Folks - E Street Web Hosting received notice from our hosting server control panel partner Plesk https://www.plesk.com on pricing increases for VPS server CPs for 2023. These incremental price increases will be phased in thru 2023 for various editions. For more info on Plesk's announcement on these see: https://www.plesk.com/plesk-price-adjustment-2022-2023-partners/

12/15/2022 15:40:54MT -- Windows Server 2012 EOL Notice -Support for Windows Server 2012 is coming to an end (EOL) on January 14, 2023. This means that after this date, you will no longer receive security updates or technical support for the software. E Street strongly recommends that you upgrade to a newer version of Windows Server as soon as possible in order to continue receiving the latest security updates and support. To assist with the upgrade from Windows Server 2012, E Street Web Hosting is offering a free builds for new Windows Server (2016, 2019, 2022 Standard or Enterprise) and free VPS hosting of the new server for 1 Month to help in your transition. Contact E Street support for pricing on Windows Server licensing that will fit your needs. If you are unsure of the best course of action for your organization, please don't hesitate to contact our support team for assistance.

11/22/2022 12:14:21MT -- Hi Folks -migrations for E Street Fax to Email (Fax2Mail) service to the updated “Voice Pilot Fax” are underway. Fax numbers will transition to the new service in November/December 2022 as Fax2Mail is retired. Fax numbers will migrate to the new system seamlessly. INBOUND faxes will route to the receiving email address as always, but note for OUTBOUND faxing, a different “To” email address is required and OUTBOUND Faxes must be in PDF format. For more details on Voice Pilot Fax see: https://estreet.com/knowledge-base/voice-pilot-email-to-fax-service/ NOTE: Customers who use the legacy web portal for Fax2Mail https://myportal.opentext.com/ for reporting or access to old fax records will need to access their account to retrieve any records before service is discontinued. Contact E Street support with any questions.

11/17/2022 17:47:03MT -- E Street's Voice Pilot Communicator softphone application update released (v6.6.1) Developers Fixed an issue where departments count incorrect in the chat sidebar. Added voice message support in chat. Added an option to transfer the role of chat admin to another participant. Added an ‘Info’ option for chat messages. Added chat feature flagging support. Added an option to choose a custom ringtone, and Added an option for a quick reply via hover on chat messages.

09/03/2022 15:13:26MT -- Microsoft has recently announced some pricing changes AND changes in how customers purchase and manage their 365 licenses through Cloud Solutions Providers like E Street. In January 2022, Microsoft launched what they have termed the "New Commerce Experience" (NCE) with the stated goal of reducing complexity and providing consumers cost savings for long term commitments with 365 plans. For details and how all this applies to you see http://bit.ly/3ApL85U

08/17/2022 17:40:24MT -- E Street Voice Pilot engineers are showing calls processing normally and we are being advised processing restored from the effected upstream carrier. We’re still keeping an eye on calls through the system and will advise on return of issues.

09/27/2021 15:32:54MT -- Hello Folks - E Street, along with millions of voice service customers nationwide, has been experiencing disruptions to our Voice Pilot platform due to current issues with a large national carrier. We are aware of the trouble, so no need to open a support ticket at this time. We will post updates here as we learn more and as issues are resolved.

09/25/2021 14:22:29MT -- E Street’s voice upstream carriers (primarily Bandwidth.com) are investigating an incident impacting Voice and Messaging Services. Calls and Messages may experience unexpected failures.

09/02/2021 15:18:52MT -- Hi Folks- For many years E Street has provided our Email Spam and Virus Filtering services for @estreet.com and custom domain name email users. The critical need for this service has only increased with the myriad of security threats we now face. Over the next month - E Street will be upgrading and migrating our Email Spam and Virus Filtering to a newer platform. This new platform provides increased protection for you, and offers numerous new features that give you better control over your e-mail security. Our customers using the Microsoft 365 Business Email e-mail solutions can take advantage of this new layer of protection as well. With these changes there will be an unavoidable increase in the cost to $0.96/user. E Street will help make sure the spam and virus filtering is working well for you. Plus, we will keep you informed of any pending changes to these services and what to expect as we roll out the deployment. -NV

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