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11/09/2017 11:55:21MT
Hi - the offending gremlin in storage/network issues this morning has been found and banished - the issues should be resolved. If anyone has any trouble or problems with mail delivery or website loading let us know.

11/09/2017 09:25:42MT
Hi Folks - E Street is tracking some issues on the hosting network this morning - some routing issues in some storage arrays are causing issues with DNS lookup impacting some domain name email and websites. We’ll let you know when this is resolved.

07/27/2017 08:47:33MT
Cause determined on that brief voice outage afternoon of 7/25: An engineer performed a database cleanup script with incorrect parameters causing communication issues between two BroadWorks servers. the script was Id ed as the cause of the issue and rollback initiated - Service was restored.

07/25/2017 17:03:40MT
Voice calls are functioning again - and we are processing calls. We are still investigating the issue and will post here with more info on it, thanks and sorry for the interruption and inconvenience.

07/25/2017 16:45:32MT
Hi Folks -E Street is currently working an issue with a Voice Pilot voice service interruption. We are investigating the cause and will post here/send notice on on an ETR.

05/10/2017 10:46:34MT
DSL trouble has been resolved - some local equipment needed an attitide adjustment. If anyone has any trouble with connectivity - be sure to power cycle DSL routers. Have a good day.

05/10/2017 10:27:26MT
Hi Folks - E Street DSL customers -we are tracking down a possible OC3 outage for E Street DSL impacting DSL circuits in the Denver Metro area. -We will post here when this is tracked down.

04/10/2017 15:22:11MT
The carrier issues from this am have been resolved - traced to outage of a main carrier for E Street NOC. Issues have been resolved.

04/10/2017 09:37:58MT
E Street engineers are tracking some upstream bandwidth issues this Monday AM.  This disruption is causing some voice quality troubles – we are trying to route around it and we’ll post here when we have this resolved.

03/02/2017 15:51:58MT
Hi Folks- Engineers have restored most data routes for E Street Voice Pilot systems. Sorry for the trouble today and let support know if any call quality issues remain. Several folks have asked if this is related to the large Amazon S3 East Coast outage from this week and this was NOT related, rather an unannounced carrier change caused E Street voice traffic to be routed incorrectly.

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