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01/23/2018 16:03:49MT
The disk issue for the hosting server has been repaired and all email and web services that were impacted by that issue should be fully operational again.

01/23/2018 09:07:17MT
Emergency maint going on this morning for hardware node - this server has developed some disk damage and we are currently repairing - will let you know when it is done and we’ll bring the server back up. UPDATE still working on this as of 1105MST ... will update.

01/21/2018 19:00:12MT
Hi Folks - we’ve completed maint and upgrades on the Kerio Connect enterprise mail server - all should be running - let us know if any problems arise

11/09/2017 11:55:21MT
Hi - the offending gremlin in storage/network issues this morning has been found and banished - the issues should be resolved. If anyone has any trouble or problems with mail delivery or website loading let us know.

11/09/2017 09:25:42MT
Hi Folks - E Street is tracking some issues on the hosting network this morning - some routing issues in some storage arrays are causing issues with DNS lookup impacting some domain name email and websites. We’ll let you know when this is resolved.

07/27/2017 08:47:33MT
Cause determined on that brief voice outage afternoon of 7/25: An engineer performed a database cleanup script with incorrect parameters causing communication issues between two BroadWorks servers. the script was Id ed as the cause of the issue and rollback initiated - Service was restored.

07/25/2017 17:03:40MT
Voice calls are functioning again - and we are processing calls. We are still investigating the issue and will post here with more info on it, thanks and sorry for the interruption and inconvenience.

07/25/2017 16:45:32MT
Hi Folks -E Street is currently working an issue with a Voice Pilot voice service interruption. We are investigating the cause and will post here/send notice on on an ETR.

05/10/2017 10:46:34MT
DSL trouble has been resolved - some local equipment needed an attitide adjustment. If anyone has any trouble with connectivity - be sure to power cycle DSL routers. Have a good day.

05/10/2017 10:27:26MT
Hi Folks - E Street DSL customers -we are tracking down a possible OC3 outage for E Street DSL impacting DSL circuits in the Denver Metro area. -We will post here when this is tracked down.

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