04/24/2019 17:38:10MT -- Hi Folks - E Street will be patching some MSP endpoint monitoring on 4/24 after hours. During this maintenance window, we are making configuration changes in our infrastructure to improve security and features - we do not expect any downtime.

12/31/2018 15:24:00MT -- CenturyLink Outage of 12/27/18 RFO - Per CL and security journalist Brian Krebs https://t.co/21T9x458gr ...a bad network management card in Denver might have been the root of a nationwide outage for CenturyLink customers that lasted more than two days and brought down some 911 services. CL is saying the network card at a data center in Denver was “propagating invalid frame packets across devices,” which caused a number of subsequent issues.

08/27/2018 10:30:43MT -- Updates - Sky Harbor - trouble was confirmed as hardware failure of some CenturyLink equipment - in process of replacing.

08/27/2018 09:48:27MT -- E Street and CenturyLink techs are on location this morning - finally obtaining access to the site. Possibly a hardware failure and we’ll be replacing equipment if needed.

08/25/2018 11:29:00MT -- Update on Sky Harbor - E Street and CenturyLink trying to get access to onsite equipment via on weekend but no success yet - techs have calls in to prop managers.

08/25/2018 08:38:26MT -- E Street is tracking an outage at Sky Harbor facility involving Century Link equipment onsite. We are working with CL to address the issue and will post with updates and when clear.

08/20/2018 09:25:42MT -- Folks - mail authentication issues are addressed this morning - no need to change any settings for your mail clients - Let us know you have any trouble.

08/18/2018 20:00:38MT -- Hi Foks - We are tracking some email issues on Some "clientsx" E Street Web Hosting servers ....where errors are produced in send/receive. Note this issue is a mail server problem - it is not recommended you change your mail program settings - so be sure to default to using your web-based E-mail while we troubleshoot ... e.g.: go to http://webmail.yourdomain.com login ID is your E-mail address and your mailbox password. We’ll post here when the trouble is isolated and addressed.

08/13/2018 18:49:39MT -- E Street Cloud VPS customers - all hardware should be behaving normally and cloud storage issues have been addressed- let us know if you have any troubles. -TO

08/12/2018 17:06:27MT -- Hi Folks - E Street techs have been addressing on an intermittent Cloud VPS storage issue - that has affected some select VPS’s. We are still working the issue and will let you know here when all clear.

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