04/10/2017 15:22:11MT -- The carrier issues from this am have been resolved - traced to outage of a main carrier for E Street NOC. Issues have been resolved.

04/10/2017 09:37:58MT -- E Street engineers are tracking some upstream bandwidth issues this Monday AM.  This disruption is causing some voice quality troubles – we are trying to route around it and we’ll post here when we have this resolved.

03/02/2017 15:51:58MT -- Hi Folks- Engineers have restored most data routes for E Street Voice Pilot systems. Sorry for the trouble today and let support know if any call quality issues remain. Several folks have asked if this is related to the large Amazon S3 East Coast outage from this week and this was NOT related, rather an unannounced carrier change caused E Street voice traffic to be routed incorrectly.

03/02/2017 09:18:49MT -- Hi Folks – Our engineers are tracking a packet loss issue with one of our major carriers this morning causing some degradation and call quality issues this morning. We are working on routing around the problem and will post here when we have this resolved.

12/16/2016 10:05:23MT -- Voice Pilot - Techs performed maint on some hardware that we believe was causing the audio trouble on some calls. Our testing indicates that the issue is resolved, but if you continue to have any calls with no audio, let support know. As a reminder we generally need this information when you report trouble with phone calls: -Time of call (approximate) -Your phone number or extension and ideally the other party's number -Description of issue (call drop, poor quality, etc.) Thanks and sorry for the trouble.

12/15/2016 18:06:57MT -- Still showing some sporadic call routing and DTMF issues with E Street Voice Pilot -There will be some maint done through this evening working on the repairs - will advise.

12/15/2016 14:15:39MT -- Hi Folks - E Street voice engineers are tracking an OUTBOUND AUDIO issue here today for certain Voice Pilot Digital Voice customers. We will post an all clear here when we get this tracked down. Sorry for the trouble.

09/26/2016 13:21:29MT -- Hi Folks - the high utilization issue has been tracked down on the Sky Harbor Internet access network - services should be normal, let us know if you have any problems.

09/26/2016 11:18:55MT -- Hi Folks - E Street techs are tracking and working on an issue at Sky Harbor office complex. The issue is causing excessive bandwidth at the location resulting in packet loss for endpoint there. We’ll advise here when resolved -TO.

06/28/2016 12:18:13MT -- Hi Folks ... Just a reminder ... E Street does not ask you for your mailbox passwords. We of course have all the control we need over your mailbox - we don’t need your password. If you receive a note asking for your mailbox password - it is a spammer or phishing attack. Just delete it. If you give them your password it causes all kinds of problems not mention of course compromises your mailbox. These requests have been going out for years - again we never ask for passwords by email.

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